Courses Offered
BMS – Bachelor in Management Studies (View Circular)


A Three year full time Graduation in Business Management.All the students of BMS can opt for further studies by pursuing either for Post Graduate Cources in Management Faculties like MBA,MBM.


1. To provide Computer Fundamental and Management Skills.
2. To develop entrepreneurial and organization building capabilities

3. To develop Logic & Aptitude ability, Business Communication Skills, Business Ethics & Laws, Analytical Thinking, Accounting & management Principles in order to make a sound foundation for successful IT & management professional.

Job Opportunity and Future:

1. BMS Graduates can Develop their career as Business Consultants, Business Management Professional, Finance Managers, Business Management Researcher, Information Systems Managers, Human Resource Managers, Marketing Managers, Management Accountants, Research and Development Managers Production Managers etc. BMS candidates has numerous opportunities in Banks, Business houses, Consultancies, Educational Institutions, Import – Export organisations, Financial Organizations, Industrial Houses, Marketing Organizations, Multinational Companies, Public Sector Enterprises, Software Industry etc.

Eligibility :

Any candidate who has passed HSC (any faculty “ Arts / Commerce / Science)

Fees : Rs. 14,800*/-(Subject to Revise by Competent Authority)
Intake : 60 Students
Semester I
Course Code Subject Title
M1.1 Foundation in course for managers              
M1.2 Professional Communication I
M1.3 Principles of Management
M1.4 Business Economics
M1.5 Computer Fundamental and
Office Automation
M1.6 Practical based on Professional
M1.7 Practical Based on Computer
Fundamentals & Application
Semester II
Course Code Subject Title
M2.1 Human Resource Management                
M2.2 Professional Communication II
M2.3 Professional
Communication II
M2.4 Business Ethics &
Professional Values
M2.5 Indian Economics
M2.6 Practical based on Professional
M2.7 Practical based on Tally ERP
Semester III
Course Code Subject Title
M3.1 Mathematics and Statistics
for Managers
M3.2 Modern Management Practices
M3.3 Career Management and Counseling          
M3.4 Corporate Accounting & Costing
M3.5 Principles of Marketing
M3.6 Practical based on Advanced Excel
M3.7 Practical Based on Internet
& Web Design
Semester IV
Course Code Subject Title
M4.1 Research Methodology
M4.2 Direct & Indirect Tax
M4.3 Introduction to E-Commerce                  
M4.4 Cyber crime and security
M4.5 Financial Management
M4.6 Practical Based on
M4.7 Practical Based on
Taxbase Software
Semester V
Course Code Subject Title
M5.1 Entrepreneurship Development
M5.2 Soft Skills Development
M5.3 Business Law
M5.4 Corporate Accounting & Costing                  
M5.5 Marketing Research and
Consumer Behaviour
M5.6 Practical based on Soft Skills
M5.7 Field Work
Semester VI
Course Code Subject Title
M6.1 International Business Management
M6.2 International Financial Management      
M6.3 Company Law
M6.4 Management Information
M6.5 Organizational Behaviour-II
M6.6 Practical on cases in
M6.7 Project Report