Courses Offered
BBA - Bachelor of Business Administration [ BACHELOR OF BUSINESS ADMINSTRATION]

A Three year full time Graduation Program in Business Administration. All the students of BBA can opt for further studies by pursuing either for Post Graduate Cources in Management Faculties like MBA,MBM or Post Graduation in Computer Applications ie MCA


1. To provide Business and Management Skills to Students in order to make them Business proficient. 2. To develop Logical Reasoning, Decision Making Ability, Business Communication Skills, Business Ethics & Laws, Analytical Thinking, Accounting & management Principles in order to make a sound foundation for successful management professional.

Job Opportunity and Future:

1. BBA Graduates can Develop their career as Management Professional in Small Scale Industries. 2. BBA candidates has lot of Opportunities in Banking, Finance, Human Resource departs of any Private organization & Government sector. 3. Civil Service Examinations is another best career option.

Eligibility :
Any candidate who has passed HSC (any faculty Arts / Commerce / Science)
Fees : Rs. 14,800*/-(Subject to Revise by Competent Authority)
Intake : 60 Students
Semester I
Course Code Subject Title
A1.1 English for Business
A1.2 Financial and Cost Accounting-I
A1.3 Buisiness Economics
A1.4 Buisiness Mathematics
A1.5 Principles of Management
A1.6 Office Automation
Semester II
Course Code Subject Title
A2.1 Business Communication
A2.2 Financial & Cost Accounting
A2.3 Buisiness Laws
A2.4 Business Statistics
A2.5 Marketing Management
A2.6 Internet and Application
Semester III
Course Code Subject Title
A3.1 Corporate Accounting & Costing
A3.2 Mercentile Laws
A3.3 Production & Material Management
Elective (Any One)
A3.1 Supply Chain Management
A3.2 Stock and Commodity Markets
A3.3 International Business
A3.5 E-Commerce
A3.6 Database System and DB2
Semester IV
Course Code Subject Title
A4.1 Corporate Accounting and Communication Skill
A4.2 Econometrics
A4.3 Human Resource Management
Elective (Any One)
A4.4.1 Retail Management
A4.4.2 Portfolio Management
A4.4.3 Service Management
A4.5 Buisiness Entrepreneurship
A4.6 Management Information System
Semester V
Course Code Subject Title
A5.1 Communication Skills and Auditing
A5.2 Corporate Laws & Income Tax Law
A5.3 Financial Management
Elective (Any One)
A5.4.1 Financial Management
A5.4.2 Marketing Management
A5.4.3 Human Resource Management
A5.4.4 Production & Material Management
A5.4.5 Agro Buisiness
A5.5 Business Research Methods
A5.6 Corporate Governance
Semester VI
Course Code Subject Title
A6.1 Auditing Practical
A6.2 Corporate Laws and Current Economic
A6.3 Income Tax Law
Elective (Any One)
A6.4.1 Financial Management
A6.4.2 Marketing Management
A6.4.3 Human Resource Management
A6.4.4 Production & Material Management
A6.4.5 Agro Buisiness
A6.5 Competitive Skills
A6.6 Project Report (Based on Specialization)