The Institute, right from its inception has excelled in sports at University, State and National level. Also brought glorious occasions which have increased the name and fame of the Institute. There is special committee fully devoted to look after extension and execution of sports policies. The Sports committee is composed of Director as an in-charge, mainly concerned with the funding and planning followed by Sports coordinator, physical director and members from teaching who guides the students for various sports activities. The Director of Sports (Kavayitri Bahinabai Chaudhari North Maharashtra University, Jalgaon) provides guidelines for organization of various sports activities at inter zone, interuniversity and national games. We have sports facilities which help Student to participate and excel in activities like Handball, Volleyball, Table tennis, Chess, Power lifting, Softball, Cricket, Badminton, and Athletics. We have secured winning or runner-up position in Cricket, Softball, Badminton, Chess and Table-Tennis over the years at various competitions and tournaments. Many players have been selected for Inter Group (Zonal) tournaments and to represent Inter University from time to time.

Achievement & Participation

Year   Total No. of Teams Intercollegiate Represented Players Inter Zonal Represented Players Inter University Represented Players Teams Position                 Inter Collegiate Competition
1st 2nd 3rd
2017-18 16 90 20 07 -- 05 01
2016-17 12 84 09 -- -- 01 01
2015-16 11 77 10 02 01 01 02
2014-15 12 61 16 02 -- 03 --
2013-14 14 60 19 03 01 02 --