CSI-Motivational Talk by Mr. Nitin Patil

Topic Name            : – Top in-demand soft skills that organizations desire in fresher’s.
Event Type             : –  Motivational Talk
Speaker Name       : – Mr. Nitin Patil
Organization          : – Ascra Technology Mumbai.
Event Date             : – 25th June 2022
Event Time             : – 10.00 AM to 11.30 PM
Benefited                : – MCA-1
Objective               :- Motivate and aware Students about in-demand soft skills that organizations desire in fresher’s.
Event Details  :-
The CSI Student branch of R. C. Patel Institute of Management Research and Development, Shirpur organized a Seminar on “Top in-demand soft skills that organizations desire in fresher’s. “on 25th June 2022. Total 95 students were present for this Seminar from IMRD College. For this Seminar cum Motivational talk we invited resource person Mr. Nitin Patil,  Ascra Technology Mumbai.

Mr. Nitin Patil, guiding students.

     In this Seminar session he focused on every IT job requires essential technical skills apart from this, major tech MNCs also  look for soft skills in a candidate such as communication, time management, creative abilities and more. As soft skills have become more necessary than ever, they also help working professionals to perform effectively on the assigned projects without compromising on their productivity and quality of work.  Some of these important soft skills:

  1. Emotional Intelligence :  An emotional intelligent person is aware of his/ her emotions and uses them as an effective decision making and interactions with others
  1. Ability to work under pressure :  Organization’s want an employee who is not afraid of challenges. Also, they would prefer someone who can manage stress well and work under high-pressure situations.
  1. Desire to learn : A person who is not afraid of new changes and advancement in technologies, a “Life-long learner” and has a desire to learn more will be preferred by an organisation.
  1. Communication and interpersonal skills : Communication will never be overrated as it helps people to succeed in the workplace. All the freshers and experienced employees need to know how to communicate effectively as at some point of time they will have a conversation with clients to generate business
  1. Positive attitude : his one can help you build a long term relationship with an organisation and can do wonders for the team he/she is working with. Also, employees with positive energy can help others even in difficult situations to get work done.
  1. Teamwork : Every team has diverse talents, thoughts, skills, ideas, strengths, weaknesses, communication skills, and habits. Therefore, good teamwork provides help in building a more productive environment full of creativity, perspectives, opportunities, and problem-solving approaches.
  1. Strong work ethics : An employee with strong individual work ethics does well in his/her career. Not only this, this also contributes to the success of an organization.
  1. Time management : A person who knows how to manage 9 hours of his/her work life, knows how to bring out productivity as it plays an important part because you need to organize your schedule, both daily and beyond, to get your projects done on time and with efficiency.

Students enjoyed this Seminar. All the students thanked the CSI student branch and MCA and IMCA department for organizing such a great Seminar.