Industrial visit at Jain Irrigation System Ltd., Jalgaon

KBC North Maharashtra University has introduced a new subject in the Bachelor of Business Administration from the academic year 2018-19. The basic objective of the subject as well as practical is that the students should understand the efforts of the government to boost this crucial sector. State & Central government is offering the bunch of various grants, subsidies to the Micro, Small & Medium sector enterprises through various programs.
On 13th October 2018 students of second year BBA had a chance to practically visit one of the best industries in the world in agriculture sector i.e. Jain Irrigation Systems Ltd., Jalgaon.
Total 41 students along with Mr. Amul Tamboli & Ms. Seena T. headed towards Jain Irrigation. The industry is located at around 110km from Institute. All the students and faculties reached to industry and were received & greeted by Mr. Chinmay Joshi, Public Relations Officer (Jain Irrigation Systems Ltd.).

Students along with institute faculties & Mr. Chinmay Joshi at the entrance

Mr.Chinmay Joshi giving information at Parishram’