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Integrated MCA (Dual Degree MCA) Course in MCA (5 Years, Full Time)
Integrated MCA (Dual Degree MCA)  (View Circular)

Integrated MCA (Dual Degree MCA) Course in MCA is a Full Time, 5 years Program. After 3 years of successful instructions student shall be eligible for award of Bachelors degree in Computer Applications ( BCA ), at the end of 5 years study; student shall be eligible for award of Masters degree in Computer Applications ( MCA ).

Objective :

 To educate and groom students to get entry in Software Industry and to start and run own ventures with good business knowledge.
  To facilitate the development of students to take up growing challenges and find and implement solutions those are environmentally viable, ethically correct and socially acceptable.
  To provide for job opportunities at different levels of Computer Application in Software Industry.

Eligibility for Integrated MCA (Dual Degree MCA) Course in MCA (5 Years, Full Time) :
Candidate must have passed 10 + 2 examination with Physics and Mathematics as compulsory subjects along with one of the Chemistry / Biotechnology / biology / Technical Vocational subject.
Obtained at least Obtained at least 45% marks ( 40% in case of a candidate belonging to reserved category ) in the above subjects taken together.
Intake : 60 Students
Fees : Rs. 30,000*/- Per Year
(Application only for 1st year)
  Syllabus : This programme is started from academic year 2014-15, hence New syllabus will be made available by North Maharashtra University soon.

Integrated MCA (Dual Degree MCA)
Master in Computer Application   With Effect from June  2014

First Year BCA   (Sem I & II)

Semester I
Course CodeSubject Title
CA-1.1Computer Fundamentals &
Office Automation  
CA-1.2Basics of Accounting
CA-1.3Programming Using C
CA-1.4Mathematical Foundation
CA-1.5Essentials of Web Designing      
CA-Lab- 1Lab on C
CA-Lab- 2Lab on Web Designing
Semester II
Course CodeSubject Title
CA-2.1Linux Operating System
CA-2.2Discrete Mathematics
CA-2.3System Programming
CA-2.5Programming Using C++          
CA-Lab- 3Lab on Linux OS
CA-Lab- 4Lab on C++

Second Year BCA  ( Sem III & IV )

Semester III
Course CodeSubject Title
CA-3.1System Analysis and Design        
CA-3.3Data Structures
CA-3.4Computer Network
CA-3.5Operating System
CA-Lab- 5Lab on DBMS
CA-Lab- 6Lab on DS
Semester IV
Course CodeSubject Title
CA-4.2Java Programming
CA-4.3Management Information
CA-4.5Computer Organization &
CA-Lab- 7Lab on Java Programming        
CA-Lab- 8Lab on VB.NET

Third Year BCA  ( Sem V & VI ) w.e.f. 2014-15

Semester V
Course CodeSubject Title
CA-5.1Web User Interface Design
CA-5.2Theoretical Computer Science
CA-5.3Software Engineering
CA-5.4Computer Graphics
CA-5.5Computer Animation
CA-Lab- 9Lab on Web UI Design
CA-Lab- 10Lab on Computer Graphics and
Semester VI
Course CodeSubject Title
CA-6.3Software Testing
CA-6.4Data Warehousing and Mining
CA-6.5Cyber Security
CA-Lab-11Lab on PHP & MY-SQL
CA-Lab-12Project & Viva Voce

First Year MCA  ( Sem VII & VIII )

Semester VII
Course CodeSubject Title
CA-7.1Design and Analysis of
CA-7.2Automata Theory and
CA-7.3Artificial Intelligence
CA-7.4Advanced Java Programming
CA-Lab-13Lab on Design and Analysis of
CA-Lab-14Lab on Advanced Java
Semester VIII
Course CodeSubject Title
CA-8.1Software Project Management
CA-8.2Internet Computing
CA-8.3Network Programming
CA-8.4Advanced Computer Graphics
CA-8.5Optimization Algorithms
CA-Lab-15Lab on Internet Computing
& Computer Graphics
CA-Lab-16Lab on Network

Second Year MCA  ( Sem IX & X )

Semester IX
Course CodeSubject Title
CA-9.1Compiler Construction
CA-9.2Cloud Computing
CA-9.3Mobile Computing ( Android)
CA-9.4Visual C++ (MFC)
CA-9.5Natural Language Processing
CA-Lab-17Lab on Mobile Computing ( Android)
CA-Lab-18Lab on Visual C++
Semester X
Course CodeSubject Title
CA-10.1Full Time Industrial Training