National Level Webinar on Entrepreneurship as a Career Choice

Activity Name: –“National Level Webinar on Entrepreneurship as a Career  Choice ”
Date: –13th October 2021
Place: –Zoom meeting

Resource Person: –
1) Er. Chhabiraj M. Rane
– Managing Director,
– Chhabi Electricals Pvt. Ltd., Jalgaon
– Director, KBCNMU Centre for Innovation, Incubation and Linkage,
2) Prof. Bhushan L. Chaudhari
Coordinator and Director, KCIIL
– Professor and Head, Department of Microbiology,
– School of Life Sciences, KBCNMU, Jalgaon
– Mentor- Startup India
3) Dr. Vikas V. Gite
– Director, KCIIL
– Mentor-Startup India
– Head- Department of Polymer Chemistry, School of Chemical Sciences, KBCNMU, Jalgaon
4) Mr. Manveen Singh Chadha
– Chief Executive Officer, KCIIL
– Former Incubation Manager, IIT Mandi Catalyst, Mandi
– Mentor-Startup India
5) C.Eng. Nikhil Lilakar Kulkarni
– Incubation Manager, KCIIL
– Chartered Engineer, IEI(India) Computer Engg. Division
– Mentor-Startup India and Meity Startup Hub
– Mentor of Change- ATL NITI AAYOG

The main objective behind starting this KBCNMU Center for Innovation, Incubation and Linkage, The students should get information about the work of this center. KCIIL provides guidance on how to start your own business. Also aware the students about the most important KCIIL have supported 17 start ups, Innovative ideas, financial supports and Market requirements.

Number of Participants: – 450

Events Highlights: –

The Entrepreneurship Development cell and IQAC of R. C. Patel Institute of Management Research and Development, Shirpur is an associate with KIEDC, Jalgaon organized a National Level Webinar on Entrepreneurship as a career choice.” Dr. Vaishali Patil presented the preface of the program.

Webinar was inaugurated by Mr. Chhabiraj Rane. He guided students on why to choose an entrepreneurship as career path. Mr. Bhushan Chaudhari expressed his thought as Entrepreneurs are never born     they are developed. He explained lots of examples like Ford, BMW and so on also expressed Changing scenario of jobs and the role of Government in development of entrepreneurship and the most important KCIIL have supported 17 start ups and also encourage students to start our own start up in IMRD.

Our another speaker Dr. Vikas Gite- Essentials of IPR in Innovation Management, Sir nicely presented in depth about the IPR and its awareness about the entrepreneurial property, explained the Concept of Invention, Patent, Industrial Design, Trade Mark, Geographical Indication, Trade Secretes, Copyrights (What to is patented or not patented). And also explained multiple examples of Coca-cola regarding IPR (Protection). Patenting in Proper Way. Procedures for getting patent. Most important that he expressed that before starting Startup think for Patenting that is a protection for Entrepreneur.

Mr. Manveen Singh Chadha explained presentation on Entrepreneurship as a Career choice in which  he expressed about the Entrepreneur, difference between Wage Employment and Self employment and innovative products. Keep looking for alternative revenue; every customer is important for entrepreneur.

Mr. Nikhil Kulkarni Sir expressed his views that everyone is a premature baby who having innovative ideas for that KCIIL is there to support them. And also expressed about  the linkages, structure of KCIIL and support from  KCIIL to us.

Vote of thanks delivered by Mr. Kaustubha Sawant.

Concluding Remark: –

Entrepreneurship is all about the propensity to take risks, plan, organize, streamline and manage a new business idea in a dynamic global marketplace. Entrepreneurship is marked by job creation rather than job seeking. Entrepreneurs are independent-minded, innovative people. Who are on a quest to create unique products and services? Entrepreneurship might be difficult, but it is a rewarding journey.

Glimpses National Level Webinar on Entrepreneurship as a Career  Choice