Date :– 05 to 10 October, 2020
Platform:– Zoom meeting

1. To help the new entrants adjust and feel comfortable in the new academic milieu.
2. To furnish them with an ease of transition to mainstream studies through the introduction of ethos and culture of the institution.
3. To help entrants build progressive and emotional bonds with peers and faculty members to self explore and comprehend the larger purpose.
4. To inculcate the virtues of health and hygiene and help them to realize the power of inner strength.
5. To revise and reform the seminal concepts to fill the lacuna and sensitgize them towards exploring their academic interest and goals for excellence in academics.
6. To promote holistic development through the exposure of wide gamut of curricular, co-curricular and extracurricular activities.

Number of Participants :– 300

Events Highlights:

Academic Orientation
The Induction Programme began with the orientation programme on 05th of October, 2020. The students with their great enthusiasm attended the session online through zoom meeting platform. Orientation programme aimed to enhance students’ familiarity with the faculties, IMRD Campus, its facilities and a plethora of cultural activities of the institution. With a fresh exposure of the induction programme, the students were exposed to the milieu of the institution with zeal and enthusiasm. Likewise every year, the induction programme was decided to be delivered on three major phases i.e. Welcome Phase, Training Phase, and Concluding Phase. To make the students feel comfortable in new environment, open them up, set a healthy daily routine, create bonding in the batch as well as between faculty and students, develop awareness, sensitivity and understanding of the self & society.
As the student intake is large in numbers it was collectively decided by the committee that the whole group of students were split into three groups i.e. Group one – First year students of BCA, Group two – First year students of BBA & Group three – First year students of BMS.

Library Orientation
On the 2nd day, i.e. the 6th of October, 2020, the first session was that of Library Orientation. Library is most important resource for students. This session helped students to understand about how to make use of online library services.

Online Teaching and Learning
This session explained students about the know-how related to the usage of zoom meeting application for attending the online classes.

Introduction to extra-curricular activities
There are various committees in the Institute like AIMS, ED Cell, CSI, Sports and cultural committee through which they organize many events under the guidance of Institute’s Director, Dr. Vaishali B. Patil. The session “Introduction to extra-curricular activities” was to introduce these cells and their activities to the first year students.
The Heads of various committees were assigned the task of sharing their vision and objectives of the respective cell and to introduce all the major events organized by these cells in the institute. They motivated the students to become the member of the cell by explaining the advantages of being in these cells. In general, it gave an insight to the students on the extracurricular and co-curricular activities happening in the Institute throughout the year which will help them improve their overall personality.

Presentation about Examination System
Through this session first year students got detail information about the different examination related policies at the institute. Institute’s exam committee members interacted with entrants and imparted important information about the credit and grading system, importance of the attendance and the examination scheme. Overall this session made the students understood the importance of the attendance and performance in credit test exams; along with this they understood the assessment schemes for internal and external examination.

National Service Scheme (NSS)
Institutional NSS Unit and Volunteers interacted with the entrants and updated them about various activities taken up as part and Parcel of NSS. Entrants were also intimated about the significant role played by NSS in community work and service to society. Students obtained detailed knowledge of different activities of NSS.

Presentation on Etiquette and Dressing Sense
Entrants were well informed about the difference between academic culture in institute and study culture in school. They were appealed to acquire etiquettes, sense of grooming, and professional ethics, in addition to their concentration, during the course of graduation.

Career Enhancement Presentation
This session highlighted the activities to be undertaken by Institute’s Training & Placement Department for supporting students in enriching their careers. Training & Placement Officer and Faculty representative of Training & Placement Department of IMRD, interacted with the entrants. They introduced different activities performed by the department during the year and enlightened students about the scope of shining career in government as well as corporate sector. A presentation revealing various dimensions of Training & Placement and its importance was delivered to them by the Training & Placement committee members.

Career Oriented Certificate Courses & Vocational courses
IMRD offers various carrier oriented certificate courses to the students along with full time degree courses. Entrants were given information about the Certificate & Vocational courses and a comprehensive presentation on course registration, syllabus and exam pattern of these courses. Students were motivated and appealed to pursue certification courses in addition to the regular curriculum in order to fill the knowledge gap.

Department Visit
In this session students of first year BCA, BBA & BMS were introduced to the respective programs and its objectives. Faculty gave details regarding courses, internships, computer labs. Students were also apprised about the various opportunities available to them at the institute. The students of various programs were addressed by their respective senior faculty members.
The presentations included details:
• Introduction to the program and program objectives.
• Various opportunities available to students at IMRD.
• Outline of the respective course in detail.
• Elective subjects, projects, internships.
• Computer labs.

Brand & Tagline Guessing Game
The intention of the game is to break the ice amidst you all new inductees and mark the beginning of a long-term association with one another as well as with the people from the institute.
Two faculties each for every course had undertaken the responsibility to maintain an enthusiastic ambiance and smooth flow of the event. The student volunteers had also taken up the responsibility to direct the flow of the event in a disciplined and organized manner.
As expected, the event went on very smoothly. Those present during the event had positive feedbacks with regards to the event. Since it did not have the flavor of a competition in itself, the performers focused more on giving their best just for the sake of it, rather than for any accolades.

English Diagnostic Test
Needless to say, English Proficiency plays a vital role in the academic and professional life of a person. Candidate proficient in English enjoys more accolades at both the grounds. With a view to evaluating the English competence of entrants, Diagnostic Test was scheduled. Entrants of first year BCA, BBA & BMS took up the test with all interest. Helping teachers and entrants identify problems and gap in the area of language acquisition, Diagnostic Test served the purpose explicitly.

Concluding Remark:
The entrants, the teachers, and the stakeholders received optimum benefit from the programme. With the fulfillment of the stated objectives, the Induction Programme concluded with great success.
In closing Phase all the Students of first year BCA, BBA & BMS, were asked to give their feedback about the Induction Program and they were asked to submit their feedback report to their respective class mentors. Also class mentors briefed the students on – how to write Induction Program Report. Finally the Core Committee members of the Induction Program interacted with all the students and concluded the Induction Program.