Online Entrepreneurship Awareness Program

 Activity Name Online Entrepreneurship Awareness Program
 Date: –23rd of Aug 2020
 Place: – Online
Objectives: – This program primarily aims at providing self-employment to the young generation and influencing students in large number to be the entrepreneur.
Number of Participants: -445

Sr. No. Class and Course Students Count
1 Fifth Year I-M C A 27
2 Fourth Year I-M C A 13
3 Third Year I-M C A 27
4 Second Year I-M C A 10
5 Third Year M C A 44
6 Second Year M C A 25
7 Second year MMS 18
8 Third Year BCA 56
9 Second Year BCA 59
10 Third Year BBA 32
11 Second Year BBA 49
12 Third Year BMS 27
13 Second Year BMS 58
Total 445

Events Highlights:-During lockdown period Due to covid-19 Pandemic situation RCPIMRD’s decided to conduct an online Entrepreneur Ship program to motivate and raise awareness of students about Entrepreneurship. The program was to show students what you need to become an entrepreneur.  The online activity conducted with the help of Google form and in this program students first watch and learned the basics of entrepreneurship and next solved the video based quiz and submit Google form. This program successfully completed under the guidance of  MMS HOD Dr. Manoj Patel and program managed by  Mr. Yogesh Sethitya and Mrs. Priyanka Saindane.
Concluding Remark:- Through this Online Entrepreneurship Awareness Program Student learn so many things like:  Meaning of  Entrepreneurship, Characteristics of Entrepreneurship and much more. With help of  Google form and video