Road Safety Traffic Awareness Training Programme

Topic Name                  : – Road Safety Traffic Awareness Training Programme

Event Type                   : – Webinar cum Training

Speaker Name            : – Mrs. Sonali Pawar

Designation                  : – Road Safety Instructor

Organization Name : – The Advantage Nashik Foundation, Nashik

Event Date                   : – 04th January 2021

Event Time                   : – 11.00 AM to 12.30 PM

Benefited                      : – IMCA-1st & IMCA-2nd

Objective                      : – In order to increase awareness about traffic safety , Nashik First wishes to reach    the citizens at large, who are driving two wheelers, four wheelers and/or other vehicles.

Event Details               :-

The CSI Student branch of R. C. Patel Institute of Management Research and Development, Shirpur organized a Webinar cum Training “Road Safety Traffic Awareness Training Programme ” for all IMCA-1st and IMCA-2nd year students on 04th January 2021. Total 80 students were present for this webinar. For this webinar cum expert talk we invited resource person Mrs. Sonali Pawar, Road Safety Instructor, Nasik. Following points were covered during these online training programs related to Road safety & accidents:

A major issue in India & at Global level:

  • Increasing number of vehicles on the roads
  • No Proper Parking & Overloading vehicles
  • Not obeying the limit lines of a zebra crossing
  • Wrong side driving & Wrong overtaking
  • Don’t Over speed your vehicles
  • Non Violation of Traffic Rules
  • Don’t use Mobile Phone while driving
  • Usage of Seatbelt & helmets while driving
  • Don’t drink and Drive
  • Causes and consequences of road traffic crashes
  • Legislation related to traffic accidents
  • Understanding Traffic Control Devices (Traffic Signals, Road Signs and Road Marking)
  • Understanding of Road Traffic Violations

Resource persons well explained the basics & statistics about the traffic & accidents occurring on the road that is very serious issue in the country as well as across the world. The Advantage Nashik Foundation, Nashik till date has trained almost 1.5 laks students about this awareness campaign. With the same objective, Institute decided to provide these benefits to the students through this awareness week. Lakhs of people become disabled due to carelessness shown while not properly following traffic rules. The main cause for all the pain and loss of life is the fast and furious driving done by the people. We can stop these accidents if we follow the traffic rules properly. The main reason behind spreading traffic rule awareness is to make people aware about the astonishing numbers of victims in the fatal accidents mainly occurring because of their ignorance to traffic rules.He also gave information about “motor vehicle act and traffic rules” and also said that the best way to keep others and yourself safe is to follow proper traffic rules. Whenever you drive a car follow the traffic rules, it is important to wear helmet while driving a two wheeler, obey the traffic lights to avoid accidents. One should always wear seat belt while driving a car. Avoid rash driving as fast speed is the core reason of accidents. Always carry all the papers of the vehicle with you.

He showed a chart containing road safety signs and taught the students the meaning of the signs. He also mentioned that everyone should memorize the signs, as when you apply for driving license identifications of these come in the questions. If you are able to identify these signs then only you will get a license. The session for creating traffic awareness among students was very important as it makes them aware about the importance of their and others life. Students should come forward and follow these traffic rules obediently. Everyone should wear helmets and seatbelts while driving the vehicle. Be aware and also aware others.