MMS Teacher’s Day Best Message Contest – 2019

On the occasion of Teacher’s Day MMS Department had organized Teacher’s Day Best Message Contest – 2019.

In this contest the volunteers of MMS- I and MMS-II had visited various senior colleges after formally meeting the Principals & taking permission to conduct the activity.

The students were asked to express their views about the teachers by writing their feelings on the paper provided by our volunteers.

At the end of this activity, the Faculty Members of the Colleges evaluated all the messages & chosen the best two out of them. This entire activity was praised by the Principals as well as all the students who wrote the messages. Those students were rewarded by the Principal and Staff Members of the college.

Objective of the Contest:-

  • To learn Event Management skills.
  • To impart the time management skills among the students.
  • To enhance the Communication Skills of the students.
  • To develop overall personality of the students.


Students Write Message

Prize Distribution

Prize Distribution