Techno Fair 2019

Objective of “Techno-Fair-2019” is to offer a valuable opportunity to BCA-III year students, at all levels, to exhibit the projects which they had performed during the VI semester of academic year2018-19, and the skills they gained.
“Techno-fair” software Exhibition 2019 was organized by UG Department on 03April 2019. In this exhibition total 64BCA-III year students were participated. Director of Institute Dr. Vaishali B Patil inaugurated and guided exhibition participants.
All software’s developed by BCA-III year students are evaluated by Mr.Manoj B. Patil and Mr. Narendra S. Rajput.
Asst.Director of Institute Mr.Manoj N. Behere Sir, HOD UG department Mr. Tushar Patel sir,HOD MMS DepartmentDr. ManojPatel,Faculty members, SYBCA students were visited to exhibition
After the evolution of 64 participants in exhibition Mr.Narendra S. Rajput and Mr. Manoj B. Patil sir finalized best three winners of exhibition.
Winners of Exhibition
Sr. No Name of student Project Title Rank
1 Sonawane Khushal Social Networking 1
2 Chaudhari Prajakta Online Meal Delivery System 2
3 Pawar Mayur Medical Store Billing System 3

Dr.Vaishali B.Patil and faculties at “Techno-Fair-2019”.

Dr.Vaishali B. Patil, Dr. Manoj B. Patel and Mr.Tushar R. Patel sir evaluating student’s software.