Webinar on #Charcha 2020

Event/ Activity Name:-  Webinar on #Charcha 2020
Place:-RCP IMRD,Shirpur
Resource Person:- Dr. Shital Raka
Objectives:-To Aware girls Students about the Precautions should be taken during self isolation at home/ Covid center, while giving the swap test and health precaution after diagnosed as Covid-19
Number of Participants:-73
Type of Audience: – All IMRD girls except first year

Events Highlights:-  In Webinar on #Charcha 2020 organized by Yuvati Sabha, Dr.Shital Raka mam gave information of precautions of covid-19 like mam practically gave the demonstration of how to was hand up to 20 seconds, mam also shared Safety tips at covid-19 center that do not friendly with unknown person at quartile center , mam also provided information about swab test like check that at the time of swab test there is separate line for ladies or not if not then demand for that, Dr.Shital mam also shared health tips specially for girls students like drink warm water, do not sleep after lunch and importance of yoga specially pranayam to improve immunity power. Madam also motivated all the girl students by motivational poem on “Nari-Shakti”.

Dr. Shital Raka mam giving information to girls students


Participants of Webinar on #Charcha 2020

Dr. Shital Mam also guided girls students that how to face problem without fear by using some tricks like use of presence of mind and use sanitizer spray during difficult situation as well as mam guided girls to watch self defense video on YouTube. Dr. shital Mam also gave answers on questions that asked by girls students on health issues, personal hygiene and on SWAB test.

Concluding Remark:- In this session Dr. Shital gave answers to all these raised question related to health issues, personal hygienic problem and on SWAB test. as sell as mam shared information of precaution on covid-19, covid-19 center and health tips. This will be also helpful for them in day to day life.