Webinar on “Cyber Safety Awareness”

Event/activity name:-Inauguration Cum Webinar on “Cyber Safety Awareness”
Date :       12/02/2021
Place:-      Zoom App
Resource person :Prof. Sweta Dargad (Ganpat university ,U. V. Patel College of Engineering)
Objectives:  To Aware girl students from cyber bullying.
Number of Students:136
Type of Audience:UG & PG First Year Girls Students

Events highlights:     Webinar began with the basic concept of Cyber Safety and how to protect against cyber bullying like don’t share your identity, update your software, always logout etc. Prof. Sweta explain what to do in case of if you are being cyber bullied like if someone is harassed or threatened you, you should have to block them immediately and had been reporting their behavior to the police or your parents etc. She also gave demo on how to check you are being pwned or not using https://haveibeenpwned.com/ site.

Resource Person  Prof. Sweta Dargad guiding students

She also gave demonstration on  phishing and how to avoid phishing attack. she explained the topics plagiarism, computer virus and its types. mam also gave some quick tips what should do if a computer gets a virus, She focused on internet addiction and its symptoms as well as she explain how to avoid internet addiction. She also gave some important internet safety tips. mam also explain the settings to stop receiving unnecessary SMS using BOMBitUp app.

Resource Person  Prof. Sweta Dargad interacting  with girl students through Zoom.

Concluding remark:  All the students & participants were interactive throughout the session & clarified their doubts about the topics Prof. Sweta discussed. The session ended with a vote of thanks by Yuvati Sabha Coordinator Mrs. Chhaya Patil.