Webinar on “How to handle stress and avoid depression during COVID-19”

Event/activity name:- Webinar on “How to handle stress and avoid depression during COVID-19”
Date :- 18/10/20
Platform:- Zoom App(Online)
Resource person :-Dr. Monica Agrawal (The resource person Dr. Monika Agrawal is a renowned Homeopathic Physician & counselor in the field of mental health & well being. She is Associate Professor at the Homeopathic Medical College, Shirpur. She is practicing Homeopathic since 15 years. She has also completed certificate course of First International Garbhsanskar. She is the founder of Sanjivani Garbha Sanskar centre at Shirpur. She is also a yoga & meditation teacher as well as Holistic Healer consultant. She is a motivational speaker & took many lectures on Women & Girls health at various platforms.)

1. To find out reasons of stress & depression in daily life during Covid-19
2. To know the process to solve these stress & have a happy life.

Number of participants:-226

Audience:-UG & PG students

Events highlights:-Webinar began with discussion of causes & reasons for stress in our lives. She had an interactive session with the students to know the various questions related to stress & depression. She gave systematic method to face this stress as well as how to handle the stress easily & have a happy & problems free life.
She told her own ABCD formula on how to handle the stressful situation in life.
A- Accept more & expect less
B- Be grateful to life
C- Complain zero
D- Delete & forgive many things.

 Dr. Monica Agrawal mam guiding How to handle stress and avoid depression during COVID-19

She focused on importance of living in the present & not thinking much of the past in our lives. She explained very easy method to know ourselves in better way by following very simple strategies. Everyone must start writing on a regular basis to express his/her thoughts & get clarify on the aims in life. We all must visualize the good side of ourselves always. She also talked about the importance of Meditation, Yoga & regular Exercise in our life. We must have a regular diet as food is perhaps the most important ingredient in keeping us healthy. So we must follow all these clearly.

Concluding remark: All the students & participants were interactive throughout the session & clarified their doubts about the topics Dr. Monika discussed. The session ended with a vote of thanks by Yuvati Sabha Coordinator Mrs. Chhaya Patil.