Workshop on Opportunities in IT Industry

Activity Name :-                       Workshop on Opportunities in IT Industry
Date :-                                       17th July 2021,                    Time: 2.00 PM
Place :-                                      Online through Zoom App
Objectives :-                             To know the different career Opportunities in IT Industry.
Number of Participants :-       105 participants
Events Highlights :-                 

The Career Counseling Cell under Training Placement Cell of IMRD organized a workshop on “Opportunities in IT Industry” on 17th July 2021. Total 105 students of IMCA-5, MCA-3 and BCA-2 were present in this workshop. For this workshop we had invited resource person Mr. Kailash Badgujar, Senior Manager – Operations/Analytics with Infosys BPM Ltd, Pune. Mr. Kailash Badgujar has 16+ years of experience in Operations/Data Analytics and Infrastructure support in domain of Investment Banking Telecommunication.

In this workshop, Mr.  Kailash Badgujar focused on  SWOT Analysis, Learning and Development of 7 principles, Job vs. Career, different career Opportunities in 2021, Higher Studies, Application Development, Cloud Architecture, Web Designer, Software Developers, Hardware Engineer, Data Scientist, Full Stack Programmer as well as Government Sector Jobs etc. T&P Officer Mrs. Archana Jade, Mr. Vishal Pawar, Mrs. Sapna Raghuwanshi, Mr. Kaustubh Sawant  had taken great efforts for the successful completion of this event under the guidance of Director of IMRD Dr. Vaishali Patil, HOD of MCA/IMCA Mr. Manoj Behere, HOD of MMS Dr. Manoj Patel, HOD of UG Mr. Tushar Patel.

Workshop on career Oportunities